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Dr Lobsang Sangay's upcoming Australia visit


Lama Tendar requests our Sangha to support Tibetan Prime Minister, Dr Lobsang Sangay's upcoming Australia visit

President Lobsang Sangay President Lobsang Sangay President Lobsang Sangay

The Tibetan Prime Minister in exile, Dr Lobsang Sangay, is visiting Australia during 5th - 12th August 2017. His Holiness' Representative in Canberra has requested Lama Tendar to request to members of our sangha to support Dr Lobsang Sangay's visit by attending the events in Sydney or Melbourne.

This is a great opportunity to attend a public talk or fundraising dinner with Dr Lobsang Sangay and support a very worthy event. If you are interested in attending, please mention during the booking that you are part of Lama Tendar's sangha from the Medicine Buddha Centre in Melbourne. If you are attending the fundraising dinner in Melbourne, please notify our centre so that we can organise to book a table and attend together with Lama Tendar and Rinpoche as part of the Medicine Buddha Centre.

If you are unable to attend any of these events and wish to donate, please contact the Centre to donate through the Medicine Buddha Centre. Lama Tendar will present all donations on behalf of our Centre on 11th August when he attends the fundraising dinner in Melbourne.

President Lobsang Sangay

Sydney Opera House: Saturday 5th August 2017
Cost: $35 - $40
Time: 6pm - 8pm

Melbourne Fitzroy Town Hall: Friday 11th August 2017
Cost: $90
Time: 6pm - 10pm
Booking Phone: 03 5629 9733

For bookings and further inquiries please contact:
Medicine Buddha Centre