Rinpoche Ngawang Tenzin

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A Brief History

Ngawang Tenzin (also known as Tsadong Rinpoche) comes from Kham, Eastern Tibet. He became a monk at the age of 8 and went to Drepung Monastery in Tibet to train as a monk.

Ngawang Tenzin was formally recognised as the “13th Tsadong Rinpoche” and left Tibet to go to India to study further at Drepung Monastery in South India.

Rinpoche completed his education at Drepung Monastery, obtaining a Geshe Degree (equivalent to a Doctorate degree) in Buddhist Philosophy. He then studied at Gyumed Tantric University and obtained the Tantric Doctorate Degree finishing in first place.

Rinpoche spent six years in Taiwan, where he studied Mandarin, in order to teach Buddha Dharma to the Chinese speaking students there.

Rinpoche Ngawang Tenzin is now residing in Melbourne at the Medicine Buddha Centre with Lama Tendar and Buddhist nun, Ani Sonam and has regular teaching programs through the Shantideva Buddhist Foundation Ltd, of which Lama Tendar is the Spiritual Director.

We are very fortunate to have a highly learned Rinpoche come to Australia to share his knowledge and wisdom with us…. and teach us Buddha Dharma.


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Tibetan Children's Fund

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