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Mandala Workshops

Tendar teaches you to create your own Mandala in the Gyuto tradition. Though the design is formalised, each completed Mandala reflects the personal spiritual evolution of the individual, making it ultimately a personal voyage of growth and discovery.

Sand Mandalas

Sand Mandalas are rich in symbolism, require the utmost mindfulness and concentration, and are deliberately destined for destruction before the first grain of sand is added. Sand Mandalas represent the temporal nature and impermanence of all our personal efforts, regardless of their beauty or perceived significance.

Butter Sculptures

Butter Sculptures often depict scenes and stories from Tibetan Buddhist tradition or they may be Yantras (meditative visual patterns). They may also provide an excellent focus for meditation practice. Tendar will accept commissions to make Butter Sculptures on request..

Tibetan Art Workshops

As a teacher of Sacred Tibetan Buddhist Art in the Gyuto tradition, the Venerable Lobsang Tendar is highly skilled in Chanting, creating both Painted and Sand Mandalas, and also Butter Sculptures. To promote the Dharma, world peace and cultural interchange, Tendar offers classes and ongoing workshops so that others may discover the rich spiritual depths and practical benefits of these Sacred Tibetan Buddhist Art forms.

  • Duration: Courses typically run for two to three days

  • Skill Level: Suitable for all skill levels from beginers to experienced members

For inquiries or further information please contact:
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